Environmentally friendly and economical ride

Switch to electric for ecological, economical and fun mobility!

► 8 times cheaper than comparative petrol models!
With our electric mopeds, you forget the passages at the pump! 8 times cheaper than comparative petrol models with maintainance costs also greatly reduced.

► No more maintenance costs!
With electric propulsion, no need for engine adjustments. We forget the traditional oil change and replacement of expensive wear parts (spark plugs, alternator, battery, transmission belt, filters …). There will be only the change of the tires and the brake pads to be provided. The reduction in wear of the parts is due to the low vibrations emitted by the electric motor.

► Fun and eco driving!
Our electric models achieve equivalent performance to combustion-powered vehicles. You will have under the handle to extract you from the urban jungle safely or to please yourself on off road excursions. No greenhouse gases, no odor and no noise… Switching to the electric, it is finally adopting an environmentally friendly driving.

► An investment you will not regret!
Buying an electric two-wheeled is a real investment paid back in less than two years compared to petrol models (fuel and maintenance costs). Not forgetting that riding with electric vehicle is good for the planet!

* Indicative and non-contractual values. These depend on the use of the vehicle, the mode of operation, the maintenance performed on the vehicle and the model used.