eTricks C01

The trendy urban

eTricks C01 A real scooter alternative, the C01 permits you to break free from the urban jungle simply and safely.

eTricks Mosquito

The vintage urban

eTricks Mosquito One Mosquito for multiple uses. Your daily commute to the office or a shopping spree. You will appreciate the mosquito’s quality, its performance and high technology.

eTricks P01

The compact urban

eTricks P01 With the eTricks P01, you will not go unnoticed with it’s innovative design and sporty look. It’s compactness and lightness permit easy handling.

eTricks R01

The off road model

eTricks R01 The R01 is the perfect ally for off road excursions. It’s top speed and engine torque permit a sporty and ecological ride.

eTricks F01

The eTricks for extreme sports

eTricks F01 The F01 is a vehicle just as capable of rolling in the sand as on the snowy slopes with ease. This is THE vehicle you need to break the routine!

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