eTricks Mosquito

eTricks Mosquito

eTricks Mosquito
Get ready design lovers ! Never has a vehicle gone so far to meet your neo-retro aspirations. Elegant, comfortable and indispensable, riding Mosquito is like stepping both back and forward in time !

One Mosquito for multiple uses. Your daily commute to the office or a shopping spree, large bespoke quality leather luggage and satchel more than adequate. Its lithium battery will allow you to achieve real savings since now, 100km traveled will only cost you 60 cents.

Equipped with a solo or duo seat, belt transmission and Bluetooth connectivity, you will appreciate the Mosquito’s quality, its performance and high technology for even more fun at the helm.

Thirst for the sensation of freedom? The Mosquito will take you there safely. This is the vintage scooter that will get you there every day.

€3832 Ex VAT


MOTOR Brushless DC
MAX 2 100 W peak
SPEED 45 km/h
BATTERY Lithium-ion 50.4V / 22.8 or 28 Ah
CHARGE TIME 4h30 standard charger – 3h fast charger
AUTONOMY Up to 60 km (or 120 km with optional battery), dependant on usage or rider stature
WEIGHT 45 kg with one battery
BRAKES Hydraulic disc brakes
SUSPENSION Adjustable hydraulic with preload and 120 mm travel
DASHBOARD Current speed, average speed, max speed, timer, mileage, daily, total, power and assistance mode, battery gauge
HOMOLOGATION L1e 49.9 cm3 equivalent, compulsory helmet, insurance, registration and license plate
HEIGHT 1015 mm
LENGHT 1941 mm
WIDTH 670 mm
GUARANTEE 24 months
OPTIONS Optional battery 50.4 V / 22.8 or 28 Ah, leather luggage
COLORS Turquoise, black, white