Electric Mobility show, the 14th and 15th april, Montpellier (France)

On 14th and 15th April 2018 at the Electric Mobility Show in Montpellier, on the City Hall Square, eTricks presents its new range of 50cc equivalent electric mopeds.
The French brand will also present, the two new urban models, the P01, small size, and the Mosquito, scooter vintage look whose first deliveries are scheduled for May 2018!
Visit the forecourt of City Hall on the eTricks booth!

Electric Mobility Show
Square of the Town Hall -1 place Georges Frêche
Opening hours Exposure:
Saturday, April 14: 10h-19h
Sunday, April 15th: 10h-19h

Test track planned !
Free entryance
More information: http://www.salonelectricmobility.com/