eTricks equips the Issoire Gendarmerie Company!

In a new partnership, eTricks delivered two electric mopeds to the Issoire Gendarmerie Company which will enable the gendarmes to become more efficient in order to fight burglaries and make contact with the general public.

Beginning Friday, March 10, 2017, the soldiers of the Issoire Gendarmerie Company will be able to carry out their surveillance patrols in electric mopeds made in Auvergne. The eTricks brand has specially customized its all-terrain model in the colors of the Gendarmerie and adapted it’s equipment (adding a siren, blue lights and top-case). The double battery option guarantees up to 80 km of autonomy.
“We are pleased to support a local company that manufactures quality and environmentally friendly vehicles. We would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it! “, said Jean-Laurent HEYRAUD, squadron commander and company commander at Issoire. “The National Gendarmerie has authorized the use of eTricks mopeds because, in addition to being non-polluting vehicles, they are quiet, handy and easy to transport. The vehicles will run on the 3 brigade communities: Issoire, Champeix, Sauxillanges, Ardes-sur-Couze, Saint-Germain Lembron … »